My Top 5 Katherine Pierce Storylines

For today’s post I would like to do a countdown of my top five favorite storylines for Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries.   I adore this bitchy vampire anti-heroine from this fantasy television series.   Without further ado here’s the countdown!

Number 5: Katherine’s relationship with Elijah

 ~This is an obvious storyline to list, however I really enjoyed the on and off relationship.    I loved that Katherine had many people that she claimed to love, and in fact did care for.   It showed her as a more complex figure than as a simple villain!

Number 4: Katherine meets her daughter 

 ~This storyline is one that was so emotionally revealing.   Katherine had been forced to give up her daughter at birth, because she had been conceived out of wedlock.   She spent centuries searching and her daughter did too.   Seeing them get to meet was a beautiful sight!

Number 3: Katherine is after the Moonstone

 ~To me this is iconic and important because it is what brought Katherine to Mystic Falls in the present time to begin with.    It showed the reason for her actions, and it brought in the Originals for the first time!

Number 2: Katherine is a Traveller

 ~Katherine being revealed to have been born with magical powers is one of the great reveals of the show!   I loved the her possessing Elena storyline, especially that no one realized!   That was honestly hilarious.

Number 1: Katherine is Queen of Hell

 ~This was the perfect way to end out the series!   If anyone could be a badass Queen of Hell it is Katherine Pierce.    I loved seeing her put her fiery demeanor to good use seducing the lord of the Underworld!   It was truly a brilliant final twist for the series, as it all came back to the beginning!

~I hope you have enjoyed me countdown.   Did I list your favorite Katherine storyline?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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