My Countdown of Rob Zombie’s Horror Films

For today’s post I am going to do a countdown of Rob Zombie’s horror films (that means I will not be ranking The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, as it is an animated comedy film).   Without further ado here is my ranking of the horror films of Rob Zombie!

Number 7: Halloween

 ~While I truly enjoy Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween, I far prefer his original films.   He did place his stamp on this franchise by incorporating his own style of horror directing, which is much more visceral and realistic than Carpenter’s.   The first time I saw the film I was not a fan because I had not seen Rob Zombie’s other films and had expected a more Carpenter-like film, with more of a suspenseful feeling than the visceral feel of Zombie.   Now I truly enjoy the film for what it is, and I feel it is refreshing in doing its own version of Halloween.   It also gets bonus points for giving Michael Myers a backstory of killing small animals, as true crime lovers will know is a sign of a burgeoning serial killer!

Number 6: Halloween II

 ~I really enjoyed what Rob Zombie did for the sequel, and how he changed things from the original.   I liked seeing Laurie as a young woman dealing with post-traumatic stress years on, and not just having the second film set at the hospital on the night of the original attacks!   It made it feel all the more real, and I appreciated an honest look at what a final girl must go through after having survived.

Number 5: Lords of Salem

 ~I love this film, and that it is set in Salem!   While we were honeymooning in Salem we were able to see places where this was filmed (and where other famous Salem films were done, like Hocus Pocus, obviously).   The story gets very twisty-turny and it presents almost as a fever dream.   It is one of those great examples of a film that shows a person slipping into madness, and makes you question whether it is actually supernatural events or madness!

Number 4: 31

 ~Here Rob Zombie takes a unique view of his famous serial killer laden style by having a group of people hosting a Halloween night event.   Each year competitors have until sun rise to torture and kill a group of kidnapped people!   If anyone survives then they are free to go, and the person trying to kill them looses!

Number 3: 3 From Hell

 ~This is the final film in the saga of the Firefly family.   It is also the newest film on this list.   I enjoyed learning that Baby, Otis, and Captain Spaulding survived the second film, and was super excited to watch this.   It is a fun jail break film, and adds to the mythos of the other two films nicely!   I also love that it was left with an open ending, in case he decides to continue the franchise.

Number 2: House of 1000 Corpses

 ~This is Rob Zombie’s first horror film, and it is a cult classic.   I find the film totally iconic, and I love that the DVD for this film has menus that are filmed clips of the actors in character talking to you until you choose an option!   We get to meet some of the most interesting killer characters, and they are more likable than the victims.  Only Rob Zombie can do this well!

Number 1: The Devil’s Rejects

 ~Number one had to be this second film in the Firefly family saga.   Most Rob Zombie fans will agree that this is Zombie’s masterpiece (unless he can top it with a future release)!   We get to see Baby, Otis, and Captain Spaulding road trip to a safe location.   There is some great moments of comic relief with the banter between the three, and once again Zombie proves to make the killers the likable ones!   It is an interesting experience to root for the killers in the horror film.

~I hope you have enjoyed my countdown.   Did you agree with my ranking?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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