Love of Dance

For today’s post I would like to discuss my love of dance.    I have always enjoyed dancing of all sorts, and even without taking any professional lessons, I have trained myself in different types of dance.    For me dancing is an expression of inner emotions through graceful and sensual movement of the body.    Sometimes it is as simple as hearing music and letting it transport me as I move to the beat.    Other times it is something I am doing with more structure as a workout.   In either case it is such an important aspect of my life, and I wanted to share how dancing, and the music that inspires it, contribute to my happiness!

When I hear music with a good beat I naturally begin to move, even if I am seated and cannot stand up my shoulders move and I wish to dance.    I dance while blasting music when I am cooking or doing boring household chores.   This certainly livens up even the dullest of activities.   Dancing uplifts the spirit and gives voice to the soul, and that is one way that makes it very important to inspire joy!   For me one of my favorite musical artists to dance to, as I cook or do chores, has always been Stevie Nicks!    Her magical music never fails to transport my state of mind and make me feel emotionally fulfilled.   Dancing to this music, and singing along, are natural responses!

When I am looking for a good cardio workout, then turning on a dance instructional video is a perfect choice.    I enjoy bellydance, and ballet conditioning the best!    Other forms of dance, like burlesque and even playing the video game Just Dance is also a fun way to get in some necessary cardio.   Some of my favorite dance workout videos are by Mary Helen Bowers, the Ballet Beautiful system is incredible for a total body workout.    Other videos that I like best are the bellydance videos by Dolphina, the Goddess Workout system!   This is a system that has been around for a long time (since the late 90s I believe), and it is something I discovered a few years ago, and I truly love these workouts.

Another perfect time to dance is at concerts and music festivals.    These are some of my favorite activities, but I have not been able to attend a festival or concert for a couple years with the pandemic going on.    I hope that soon I will feel confident in going to an in person concert again, as I do miss them!

Adding dance workouts to my daily yoga practice help to keep my body healthy and in shape.   It also makes me feel healthy and full of light and energy!   One does not need to have a desire to become a professional dancer in order to find personal benefits from making dance an important aspect of their daily live.    I hope this short post has inspired some of my lovely readers to add a little bit more dancing into their daily lives.    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!