Avalon Poem

For today’s post I have decided to share a poem that came to me in a moment of inspiration, and creative liberation!    It is also largely inspired by my blog post from yesterday on walking the path of Avalon.    This is what the path of Avalon means to me, and I hope you enjoy this poem!


Holy, Sacred Isle

Place of Magic, Place of Myth

Where apples grow year round

Where mists envelop forests

Where waters surround and heal

Where people may live long years

Where beauty and mysticism reign

Where nine ladies tend the flame

Where Witches brew

Where Goddess walks

Where Faerie Queens are borne

Where Sovereignty is ensured

Where love is undying

Where owls, starlings, and ravens sing

Where we meet Rhiannon

Where we meet Morgana

Where we meet Guinevere

Where we meet Blodeuwedd

Where we meet Branwen

Where we meet Arianrhod

Where we meet Cerridwen

Where we meet Melusine

Where we are Reborne

Where Arthur slumbers

Where Gwragedd Annwn reside

Do you feel the call?

The call of Avalon!

~I hope you have enjoyed my poem on the magic of Avalon.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!