The Path of Avalon

For today’s post I would like to discuss walking the path of Avalon.   We can walk this misty twilight path of knowledge and personal empowerment, if we so choose.    Avalon can either be seen as a real place (which has been argued over the true location over for centuries) or as a state of mind.    Avalon can even be seen as the mystical Otherworld, another plane of existence just next to ours.   No matter how we view this magical place, it is accessible to those who wish to walk this special path.

I have been drawn to Avalon for my entire life, and have read extensively on the misty isle.   My lifelong love and obsession with Arthurian legends and fairytales makes it a pretty obvious place to feel pulled to.   The tales of magical and powerful women working on this enchanted island makes it feel like a place both lost to history and ahead of its time!

How does one walk a path to Avalon in the modern day?   Well one great way is meditations on this place to feel your soul in this mystical land.    There are many meditations to be found online that focus on a soul’s journey to Avalon.   You can also use a visualization of an image that reminds you of Avalon, or the figures that are said to inhabit the isle.   

Feeling a draw to this place is the first reason to try to connect to it.    Other reasons could include feeling a desire to be healed of some sort of torment or injury.    Avalon was said to be a healing island full of magical healers, and walking this path is one way to attempt to heal ourselves!   We all must follow the path that calls to us in our deepest hearts, the path that feeds our souls.   That is truly the way to find contentment, and hopefully true joy!

There are many people and groups who work with the energies of Avalon.    You can read their writings, and watch videos by these individuals in order to gain insights into how they work with this ephemeral island.    Jhenah Telyndru has written several books on her Avalonian tradition.   John and Caitlin Matthews have both studied Arthurian traditions for decades and have written many books about it.   There are also places to connect with people who study Avalon online, like the ones who run mystery schools through their websites.    If Avalon calls to you these are places to start your journey!   I will include a list of some of these resources in the further reading section below.

Whether the path is to Avalon, or to a more physical place, I hope that my lovely readers will take the time during this magical Autumnal season to do some soul searching to find out where they feel they should journey!   At the end of the day putting in work to discover what will feed our souls is one way to attempt to become the most complete versions of ourselves.    I sincerely wish that this post may inspire some of you to discover a path that makes your heart sing.    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is one imagining of how Avalon looks.   I found the image on

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