My Top 5 Creepy Female Characters

For today’s post I have decided to do a countdown of creepy women characters.    These are female characters that are known mostly for the fact that they are spooky for some reason!    As we are in the season for all things spooky, it is the perfect time to do this countdown.

Number 5: Lily Munster from The Munsters

 ~Lily Munster was the mother on this family sitcom, and she is a vampire (as is her father, Grandpa).   Her husband is a Frankenstein’s monster, and her son is a werewolf!    The only non-creepy family member is the mild mannered and beautiful Marilyn, the niece.

Number 4: Elvira from Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

 ~Elvira is a character invented by Casandra Peterson, and she is a vampy and sexy-creepy woman.    She is funny and great with a quip, full of zingers and one liners (as well as puns).    This makes for high camp-factor whether she is hosting horror films, or she is starring in her own film!    Of course, she is often compared to Vampira, who was a character invented by Maila Nurmi (but even after a lawsuit, the court found that the characters may look similar, but the personalities of the characters were different enough, so Peterson was allowed to continue as Elvira)!

Number 3: Morticia Addams from The Addams Family

 ~Morticia is one of the most iconic creepy females in pop culture history!    She is the mother of a family, who was invented by Charles Addams, and whose theme song even calls “creepy and kooky.”   Her relationship with her husband is romantic, and honestly very sexy and sweet (which is why some refer to them as couple goals)!   Through many years together they seem to never lose desire for each other!

Number 2: Emily from Corpse Bride

 ~Emily is the titular Corpse Bride in this Tim Burton film!    She is a creepy woman with a sad tale, having been murdered on her wedding day, and waiting for many years in the afterlife for a husband.   She eventually finds said husband in Victor, and there is when the real fun starts in this film!

Number 1: Sally Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas

 ~Sally is the lead female character in the iconic film The Nightmare Before Christmas!   She is a rag-doll creation made by a Frankenstein-like inventor, and she has psychic abilities, and is made out to be something of a witchy character.    She uses those abilities to help Jack throughout the film, even if he does not take her advice, until the end!    She is a very fun creepy woman, and that is why she gets top billing here!

Special Mention: Vampira as played by Maila Nurmi.   I did not choose this character, who was a 1950s horror film host because she never did a film, and we only have clips of the character left!   But as I mentioned above, many think she was a huge impact on Elvira, and she is still culturally significant in the realm of creepy women and horror!

~I hope that you have enjoyed today’s countdown.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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