What It Means to Have a Golden Aura

So today is my birthday!    As I am one of those people who, even as an adult, absolutely adores my birthday, I wanted to choose a special topic for today’s post.    That topic is auras, and the fact that I know my aura color, and have had people comment on it.    I have a gold aura, which is relatively rare, as anyone who knows about auras will tell you.

A golden aura is linked to spirituality, passion, compassion, and psychic energies!    It is also seen as an incredibly powerful and special auric color.    Now I know some of you may be thinking, auras change color right?    This is true auras do change colors based on mood and what is going on in your life.    To say I have a gold aura means that gold is the base color, it is most often at this color, and rarely it will be tinged by other colors situationally!    Every aura has a base color, and changes under specific circumstances (usually emotional as I mentioned).

It may seem like bragging that I am talking about my gold aura, but in fact I am sharing with my readers here at White Rose of Avalon a special thing about me.    For my birthday I decided I would share a little about myself!

Auras in general are light that encompasses the body, and are essentially the part of the soul that is shown to people who can see auras.   Now that does not mean that the only ones effected by the aura are ones who can see it.    The color and vibrancy of a person’s aura has an effect on everyone they meet.    This is why sometimes we feel inexplicably drawn to a certain person, and others repel us.    In large part when there is no reason to feel a certain way towards another we have just met (yet we feel strongly drawn or repelled) we are in truth reacting to their aura!    The energetic field that is the aura can be strong or weak depending on the health, vitality, and strength of the person.

Now that I have covered some basics, I want to explain a little more about what specifically makes golden auras special.   Being spiritually attuned is one of the markers of those with gold auras.    Whether your aura sits at gold all the time (like mine, with only occasional flashes of other colors) or you flash gold when you are inspired it is a symbol of knowing what you need to do and going after it!    Those with golden auras are said to have huge hearts and to be very understanding (and I certainly hope I fit those things).

Another typifying feature of a gold aura is that they have an almost otherworldly level of knowledge, and are often seen as wise.    This is why no matter their age, they seem to be someone who others ask advice of.    Those with a gold aura are known to be friendly and supportive, as well as optimistic.    I am truly proud when I am able to exhibit these characteristics!    As I read articles on my golden aura (for my own knowledge, as well as for this post) I found that many of the things applied to how people have talked of me (as well as how I would like to see myself).    As is typical not everything fit, because every person is unique, even if they share an aura color or personality type with others!

Gold auras are seen as having old souls due to the fact that they have a wealth of experience, even at young ages.    The intuitive nature of those with gold auras is vast, and they are known to be a great shoulder to lean on for loved ones.    This can make them natural born leaders, or wise women of old.   They can be seen as visionaries who are able to manifest what they desire, and I certainly try to do this!    I go after my dreams, and hope to inspire my loved ones to do the same.    I firmly believe that life is not worth living if you do not at least attempt to follow your dreams because regret is what eats at you more than anything!

Gold aura individuals are also known to be close to the spirit world, and that is in line with the psychic nature I already mentioned!    This plug in to a spiritual realm, of the dead or of the faeries, is special for those with gold (and also silver) auras.    Those with other aura colors are also psychic, and mediums, of course.    I just wanted to mention that this spiritual connection is always stated for gold auras. 

Gold auras tend to be romantics at heart, and this is certainly true of me!    They love being in love, and are very open about showing their love.    I feel it is so important to let the people you love know that you care for them!    Maybe that is my gold aura talking, but it is a universal truth.    Do not forget to appreciate your loved ones!

I hope you have enjoyed this personal, and slightly rambling, birthday post!    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and if you know your aura color and meaning!

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