My Top 20 Witchy Characters

For today’s post, as a bit of a continuation of yesterday’s, I want to countdown my top 20 witch characters across books, films, and television!   For ease I will not be including legendary or mythological figures.    Even with these limitations this list was very difficult to rank, and compile, as I adore all sorts of witchy things!

Number 20: Prue Halliwell from Charmed

 ~Prue Halliwell of the original Charmed clocks in at the number 20 spot on my list.    She was a key player in the first three seasons, and her death was a catalyst to move the series forward, making her an important figure within one of my all time favorite shows!

Number 19: Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

 ~Willow was the resident witch of Sunnydale, and she became a true badass as the series progressed!

Number 18: Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries

 ~Bonnie began and sweet and denying her ability as a psychic, and would go on to fully embrace her gifts as a witch.    In the books she developed in a slightly different manner.   In some ways was a more key figure, across the book series, than in the television series! 

Number 17:Davina Claire from The Originals

 ~Davina went from being a teenage witch who was going to be sacrificed, and was saved by Marcel, to a total badass in her powerful witchy abilities.    She became a supreme power in her coven, and eventually fell in love with and married an original vampire!

Number 16: Piper Halliwell from Charmed

~Piper was originally the middle sister, who then transitioned into being the eldest sister.   She married a whitelighter, and was the first to become a mother.    Her powers would grow into something truly explosive!

Number 15: Endora from Bewitched

 ~To Darrin Stephens Endora was the mother-in-law from hell!    She was a hilarious addition to this incredible show.

Number 14: Tabitha Stephens from Bewitched

 ~The only child addition on this list is the child of Samantha Stephens.    She was sweet, and truly adorable, with a lot of youthful hijinks under her belt at a young age!

Number 13: Sally Owens from Practical Magic

 ~Sally was the older sister in Practical Magic and she was the most serious and stable of all of the characters.

Number 12: Ligeia from Ligeia & The Tomb of Ligeia

 ~Ligeia was a witch who was able to transform herself into a cat, and eventually make herself immortal.    She had the ability to take over the body of her husband’s new wife!   Her story was first told by Poe, and later adapted into film by Roger Corman.

Number 11: Faye Chamberlain from The Secret Circle

 ~Faye was the bad girl of the Secret Circle novels, and eventually the series that sprung from it.    She was a very fun character to watch and follow through the episodes.

Number 10: Cassie Blake from The Secret Circle

 ~Cassie was the main character in this series, and she is a romantic and very powerful young witch.    There is much talk about soulmates and about the dark magic within this seemingly normal (at the beginning) girl!

Number 9: Serena from Bewitched

 ~Serena was Samantha’s cousin, and every time she appeared you knew things were going to get silly and fun fast!    She had incredible spunk and great style.

Number 8: Jennifer Wooley from I Married a Witch

 ~Jennifer was the witch who married a mortal giving this film its title.   She accidentally fell in love when trying to seek revenge, proving that love trumps hate!

Number 7: Gillian Holroyd from Bell Book and Candle

 ~Gillian is the witch who plays with a mortal, only to fall in love for real.    She, in fact, loses her powers due to her loving a human!

Number 6: Freya Beauchamp from Witches of East End

 ~Freya is one of the main characters in this book series turned into a tv show.    She was literally the Norse goddess prior to being stuck in the mortal world of Midgard!    This makes for a passionate and fun-loving and romantic character!

Number 5: Sabrina Spellman from Sabrina the Teenage Witch & Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

 ~Sabrina in most every incarnation is a rather powerful young woman with lots of spunk!    She is funny and irreverent, but willing to do what needs to be done for her loved ones.

Number 4: Gillian Owens from Practical Magic

 ~Gillian can sometimes get misconstrued as just a fun-loving party girl.    She is in truth a powerful witch who feared always being in the shadow of her sister.   She craved freedom and great love and passion, and this desire led her astray!

Number 3: Paige Matthews from Charmed

 ~Paige is the long lost youngest sister of the Halliwells.   She makes her first appearance after the death of the eldest sister, and reconstituted the Power of Three!   She is stubborn and strong-willed, with a wild side.

Number 2: Phoebe Halliwell from Charmed

 ~My all time favorite Halliwell sister is Phoebe!    She is passionate, loving, a hopeless romantic, and very emotionally powerful.    She chose to become a skilled fighter since she was not gifted with an active power originally.    Her character arc is amazing throughout the series, as she started out as a rebellious girl and turned into a successful advice columnist!    She also, in my opinion, had the best love interests in the series!    I could be biased, as I always felt Phoebe was the Halliwell most similar to myself!

Number 1: Samantha Stephens from Bewitched

 ~It had to be Samantha Stephens at number one because she was one of the first witches I ever saw on screen, even before Charmed (as that premiered when I was 7, and I was hooked immediately at that young age).    I watched Bewitched from birth practically, as it was syndicated, and my mom always loved the show, and was happy to watch it with me!    Samantha tried to keep from using her powers due to it making her husband uncomfortable.   However this did not stop her from using them week after week to sort out issues, and even serve awhile as the Queen of the Witches!

Special Mentions: I had to keep this list somewhat in ,check, so I did not have room for the witches of American Horror Story, Hocus Pocus, Dark Shadows, and Legacies.     I do love those characters, and would certainly rank them among my top fifty!

~I hope you have enjoyed my countdown, did I list your favorites?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!