Living a Life Inspired by Your Passions

For today’s post I would like to discuss how living a life that is inspired by things you love can make even difficult times easier.    I personally have never wanted to live a mundane life, and I am not temperamentally suited to living by any one set of societal norms.   

My interests are quite obvious to readers here at White Rose of Avalon.    I adore fairytales, folklore, myth, legends, history, music, literature, and Old Hollywood.    These things may seem slightly disparate, however I find many connections between them.   Each of these things are often seen as being opulent and over the top!    There is a seemingly otherworldly nature to all of these subjects, even history if one is talking about royal history (which is my personal favorite type of history).

Now I know the question on many of your minds is how you can live with these things being an inspiration.    Well, surrounding yourself with statues and artwork that express said interests is a good start!   This is why I have classic film posters, figurines of queens (and fairytale characters), statues of goddesses, and many faeries and mermaids around my living space.   Lighting incense and candles on a daily basis helps to make my home feel beautiful and sensuous, much like I could see living in bygone eras may have felt!   

Another way to live inspired by my interests is to use vintage beauty products.   I love beauty products that have been around for a long time, like Noxema, Nivea, Ponds, and Carmex.   I even wear vintage perfume, Mitsouko by Guerlain, and it is my favorite scent!   This was also a favorite perfume of Jean Harlow.   I use henna to nourish my naturally auburn hair, and this is more than vintage, it is an ancient technique to protect hair and enhance natural reds (like myself)!   This relates to Old Hollywood because several classic film stars are said to have used henna, most notably silent screen siren, Clara Bow.  

I love wearing vintage clothing, and items that are well made of luxurious fabrics.   I have long favored satin, silk, and lace.   I have written a bit about my makeup and sartorial choices before, when I talked about living the faerie life.    I do love anything ethereal and sparkling, and that fits into living a life inspired by my interests.

I certainly watch classic films, listen to classic rock music, and read about royal history and legends on a regular basis.   Watching classic films is one of the great joys of life, as you get to see the world as it was in yesteryear.       You can find much inspiration for fashion and beauty ideas by reading old interviews with classic Hollywood legends.    I am a huge fan of biographies of Old Hollywood stars and rock memoirs!    These are also a great way to get in touch with the lives of famous figures that peak your interest.

Now doing all of these things, that embrace my passions, help me in various ways.    Caring for my body and my skin via vintage beauty items (those still sold today) and natural products helps to calm my mind and keep me healthy.   Reading about iconic figures that inspire me helps put difficult times in perspective, given many of them have had worse times than what I am going through.   Even if things get really bad, knowing that others have been through similar things that you are going through, brings comfort!  

History and legend incorporated via reading about, and watching films and television, featuring figures and times that interest me, helps to inspire my writings.   So much can be gained by indulging your loves.   It sounds like such a simple thing, yet so many ignore what makes them happy to work a mundane job.

I hope that some of what I have written here can inspire my readers to spend time doing what makes their hearts sing!    You may have some, or all, of my interests, or you may have completely different things that make you happy.    Either way, I encourage you to dance to your own drummer, and live a life that makes you feel more completely yourself!    I am a firm believer that we develop interests for a reason, and therefore we should indulge in those interests regularly.    Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves as we work hard at other things, and what I suggest here is a combination of traditional self care, and something else.    Give yourself the time to truly pursue things that make you happy!    Self care, and showing yourself a little bit of love, is one of the most often forgotten things in today’s fast-paced culture.    Since the pandemic this has become something that is put into more perspective, yet giving ourselves a break is not easy for many of us.   If we do not nourish our minds, bodies, and souls then we are only living part of a life!

Thank you so much for reading about how I live a life inspired by things I love.    I would love to hear some of the things that you do to indulge in your special interests and passions.    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!