My Top 5 Stress Busting Techniques

I know that life has been incredibly stressful for all of us lately, over the last year and a half really.    For that reason today I want to share a countdown of my top five favorite stress busters!    These are all ways in which I personally find beneficial for relieving stress.

Number 5: Meditation

~I know that meditation is not for everyone, and that is valid.    However, you can gain some similar benefits by simply doing anything that feels centering to you.    There are also movement meditations (which I find fun), for those (like me) who have a hard time sitting still!

Number 4: Bellydance

~I adore dancing in all forms, and I feel it is a connection to the divine feminine, and honors my inner truths!   One of my favorite types of dance is bellydance because it makes me feel empowered and sexy!

Number 3: Kundalini Yoga

~I have been practicing yoga since I was 11, but I did not find my favorite form of yoga until I was 23.   Kundalini yoga is a more meditative and esoteric form of yoga.    It centers on aura and chakra work, raising kundalini energy, and kriyas.    There is still emphasis on postures and breath work, but it all blends with these other elements in ways special to this form of yoga!

Number 2: Writing

~I admit this one is quite obvious given I am a writer who works on this blog!    Yet, I feel it is important to get out our frustrations and emotions by writing about them.   It is a cathartic exercise for many of us!

Number 1: Time Spent with Loved Ones

~My number one stress buster can take many forms.   It can be venting to those I love about what is bothering me.   It can be listening to others vent about their problems.   It can be sharing news, or making plans.    It can simply be hanging out with my best friend getting our nails done!    Finally time spent with my husband definitely counts as this.   It is certainly true that time we are showing our support of one another helps alleviate stress!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my stress busting rituals.   Hopefully you found some ideas to try the next time you feel overwhelmed.   Let me know how you deal with stress in the comments below!