Soulmates, Twin Flames, Soulbound, all of these things conjure images of fated love.   The idea that your true love has been one that you have loved through many lifetimes is an ultimately romantic idea!   This theme has captured the imagination of many artists throughout time.    Some cynics and skeptics refuse to acknowledge that soulmates may be real.    Others choose to view loving someone you choose as being freeing from the idea of destiny (after all what if you do not meet your soulmate, or what if you are not compatible now).

I personally fully believe in soulmates, and I know that my husband is my soulmate.    However, I feel that we all have possibly many soulmates based on having lived many lives, and that not all soulmates need to be romantic mates.    Sometimes a soulmate is a best friend, a sibling, or a parent.    The most simple definition of soulmate simply means someone you have met in a previous lifetime.

In truth we likely meet the same people over and over throughout lifetimes.    Our souls likely are born into similar circles throughout time (even if the circumstances of those circles may change; for example wealthy in one life and not wealthy in another).   The idea of soulmates as lovers is a truly intimate and romantic ideal.    To have a lover that has been your lover in other lives, and who you feel inexplicably drawn to, is an  intimate and beautiful thing!

One of the earliest literary references of soulmates (without using the actual term) comes in one of my favorite classical novels, Wuthering Heights.     In the novel Cathy said of Heathcliff “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”     She also spoke of Heathcliff being more herself than she was, and feeling an immortal unchangeable connection with him.    All of this adds up to what we call soulmates!   I find her haunting him after her death to be romantic, especially since he begged her to haunt him because he could not deal with life without her in it!

Soulmates have also been sometimes said to be literally connected by invisible threads tethering them together.   These threads would either connect a lover from heart to heart or from left pinkie to left pinkie!   L.J. Smith famously used this in both her The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries book series’.   In the writing of L.J. Smith, her characters Cassie and Elena (respectively) could see these threads through their own supernatural abilities!    I found this to be incredibly beautiful to read for the first time as a teenager, and the imagery stuck with me.    In fact, it inspired me to do more research into soulmates, and I am happy I did that research!

In conclusion, soulmates are a very real part of all of our lives, whether that means romantically or in a familial connection.    Anyone who believes in past lives, and I certainly do, can see that we have soulmates all around us in life!    Hopefully we are lucky enough to be in love with one of those special people (I certainly am).    Even if you are not in love know that you are not alone, because you may have soulmates in your friends and family!     I hope that you enjoyed reading my thoughts on soulmates.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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