My Top 5 Favorite Parodies

Today I would like to do a countdown of my favorite parodies, both film and television series.    

Number 5: Airplane! (Film series)

~These films are hilarious send-ups of airplane based films.    The whole of the first film is uproarious and is very fun to watch.

Number 4: Scary Movie (Film series)

~The Scary Movie film franchise was brilliant at both mocking, and sending-up multiple horror films.   The films, especially the earlier ones, work as a love letter to horror (as well as a raunchily funny satire).

Number 3: Black Adder 

~This British television series is so wry and witty in its send-up of royal history.   Each season focused on a specific time period, and season two is a particular favorite of mine for Miranda Richardson’s hilarious portrayal of Elizabeth I!

Number 2: Dickinson

~This television show takes on the life of Emily Dickinson, while utilizing modern music, and raunchy humor.    It is well worth the watch for its juxtaposition of the nineteenth century Amherst with modern language (which is where a lot of the parody aspects lie).

Number 1: The Great

~This Hulu original takes a comedic look at the life of Catherine the Great of Russia.    Elle Fanning takes a hilarious turn at the famous (and infamous) monarch, as she begins to navigate life in her new homeland.    Much like Dickinson the parody lies in the juxtaposition of modern language and mores into another place and time period (in this case eighteenth century Imperial Russia)!

~I hope you have enjoyed this countdown of my favorite parodies.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!