My Top 10 Male Old Hollywood Icons

Today I would like to follow up yesterday’s post of favorite female Old Hollywood Icons, with the male half!

Number 10: Bela Lugosi

 ~Bela Lugosi was truly an Old Hollywood icon known best for playing Dracula in Universal monster films.    He actually portrayed many characters in the collection of monster films made by Universal studios in the 1930s and 1940s.

Number 9: Montgomery Clift

 ~Montgomery Clift was a troubled soul, whose actual pain can be felt in his more doomed characters.    He is sometimes remembered most for his good looks and charm.   This is sad because it glosses over the true power of his acting acumen.   

Number 8: William Powell

 ~William Powell was a great character actor who started out playing villains in silent films.   He then moved on to playing comedic leads, most iconically in the amazing Thin Man films!

Number 7: Carey Grant

 ~Carey Grant was for many years in Hollywood an incredible actor, who could portray many different types of characters.   He could work in comedy, action, or drama in turn.

Number 6: Marlon Brando

 ~Brando is an icon of classic film, portraying characters like Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire!    Most commonly today he is remembered for his turn as Vito Corleone in The Godfather.

Number 5: James Dean

 ~James Dean only gave us three films before his untimely death, but they were each masterpieces in their own rights!   I do not think I need to say more about him.

Number 4: James Cagney

 ~James Cagney was one of the greatest gangster and action actors of the 1930s and beyond.   He was a scene stealer in nearly all of his work.    

Number 3: Humphrey Bogart

 ~Humphrey Bogart was a great actor in many genres of film, and even managed to be a great romantic lead.   Films like Casablanca and Sabrina show his ability to play two sides of the romantic lead, brooding and more light-hearted characters.    

Number 2: Richard Burton

 ~I adore Richard Burton and his choice of roles.   He could portray real historical figures with such integrity and intensity.    He was also a gifted stage actor, who was classically trained, and he brought that insight to many of his film roles.

Number 1: Clark Gable

~Clark Gable was an icon on the screen for three decades straight!    He has portrayed iconic characters, and obviously Rhett Butler would be enough alone to rank him as an icon.    Personally I really adore all of his roles opposite Jean Harlow, who I have ranked as my favorite female lead!

~I hope that you have enjoyed my top ten of Old Hollywood Male Icons!   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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