My Top 5 Comedy Horror Films

For today’s post I want to take a look at some of my favorite comedy horror films.    These films are cross-overs between the two genres.    Some are outright comedic spoofs of horror tropes, and others are horror films with comedy elements!    As a lover of both horror and comedy, these films appeal to my tastes.    As a bonus all of them also feature supernatural storylines, which regular readers here will know I am a huge fan of!

Number 5: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

 ~Now this will either seem the most obvious choice in the world for this list, or a bit of a cheat.   It is after all a musical, so not just a comedy.   It is also one of the most iconic horror, comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy films ever (and it really does incorporate and pay homage to all of these genres)!    This film has been a favorite of mine since I first had the pleasure of seeing it in high school!

Number 4: Zombieland (2009)

~Both this 2009 film, and its 2019 sequel are incredible fun, and have great re-watchability.   The premise is a group of zombie apocalypse survivors meet and go on the road together to find the last safe place in the world (supposedly).    The sequel follows the survivors as they have formed their own found family among their group!

Number 3: The Craft (1996)

~This 1996 film is about a new girl in town meeting up with a group of outcasts.   These outcasts are not just any outsiders, as they are in fact a coven of teenage witches.    The new girl proves to be the perfect person to complete their circle, and she finds out she is a natural born witch herself!    The comedic start of the film gives way to a horror-like conclusion, making it a great addition to this list.

Number 2: Ginger Snaps (2000)

~Ginger Snaps is the first in a three film series of Canadian horror films with a great comedic element.    The first film in many ways functions as a bloody allegory for menarche (that is a girl getting her first period).   The obvious parallel between the menstrual cycle and the cycle of the moon (with the werewolf story) is well thought out.   There are many times a viewer will question whether they should laugh or scream!

Number 1: Jennifer’s Body (2009)

~I have loved this Diablo Cody written horror comedy since it first came out.   I never understood why so many people seemed to loathe this film!   I am very happy that it is getting the respect for how truly funny and well done it is now!   The story of this film is about the titular Jennifer becoming a man-eating demon.    Her best friend Needy is the only one who realizes what is truly going on with her, making for many humorous exchanges by other confused characters.

Note on Image: The above image is the poster for Jennifer’s Body.   I found the image on

~I hope you have enjoyed my top five horror comedy countdown films.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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