My Personal Ranking of American Horror Story Seasons

In honor of the tenth season of American Horror Story finally arriving next month (and the companion series American Horror Stories premiering this month) I have decided to rank the seasons worst to best (in my opinion)!    I have given a lot of thought to how I rank each season.    I have enjoyed all the seasons in their own way, but there were definitely ones I found lacking, and also certainly ones I adored!   One factor that I measured as important was whether I found it to be re-watchable, and this was important to me as I am an avid re-watcher.    Without any further ado here is my personal ranking!

Number 9: Freakshow 

~I simply found this season to be okay, instead of stellar.    I enjoyed the theme, but I thought the execution of a good theme was not as great as I would have hoped.    I also found that it was not very re-watchable.    

Number 8: Cult

~While this season was important, as it was very of the moment and well executed, it was not something I can watch over and over.   In this case the lack of re-watchability is because of how close to home this season hit!    It is truly disconcerting to watch, and maybe one day (with some time elapsed from the actual events the season was inspired by) it will be easier to re-watch.

Number 7: Asylum

~I found this season to be a very good season, and very well done.    My reason for the low ranking is again related to re-watchability.    The season is visceral and raw, and it does depict real horrors endured by psychiatric patients in the past.    That fact makes it hard to watch.   

Number 6: Roanoke

~This season being ranked as high as it is may surprise some, even Sarah Paulson herself has recently said she hated her character in this season.    I chose to rank it this high because I truly enjoyed the first half of the season.    I liked the format of making the show like an actual ghost adventure haunting show.    For me the story fell apart in the second half when they changed the format and the tone.

Number 5: 1984

~I know this season has not become popular among many fans, but as a lover of old school slasher flicks, and true crime, I enjoyed those elements in this latest installment.    The utilization of Richard Ramirez as a central figure in this season was a brilliant move.   I also liked setting it in 1984, which also is a nod to the classic Orwell novel about a dystopian society!   I am not sure if the nod was intentional, but I certainly loved it!

Number 4: Murder House 

~The first season of the show is truly iconic, and I am a believer in watching all the seasons (in order if possible).   Had I seen other seasons first I would have honestly enjoyed this one less.    I do adore this season, but it is lacks the drama of some later seasons, and that is also why it has gotten the number four slot.

Number 3: Hotel

~I really love this season, and I feel that it is unfairly maligned by many fans.    It is a truly underrated season for many reasons.    The haunted hotel concept may seem simple, but they made it ever multilayered.   I loved the 1920s flashbacks, and the usage of the great Rudy Valentino as a character (and vampire)!    Having F.W. Murnau as the vampire that turned him is a classic silent film era nod to the first great vampire film (Nosferatu).   The hauntings being connected to famous serial killers (who joined the hotel ghosts to celebrate Hell Night each year) was brilliant!    I really love a great supernaturally based season of this show!

Number 2: Apocalypse 

~This season brought together characters from Murder House and Coven to great avail.    I really wish that Jessica Lange would have also reprised her role as Fiona (but at least we got to she her as her original character)!   The beginning of the season is interesting, but a bit confusing when they are in the bunker (the audience begins to wonder when the witches will show up).    When the witches make an appearance, it is super exciting, and the deepening of the witch (and warlock) universe is really intriguing to watch!    Bonus points for getting Stevie Nicks to do another guest spot (I do really adore her)!

Number 1: Coven

~Regular readers of my blog may be unsurprised that I favor this season.   I have always loved magic and enchantment of any and all kinds, so I will forever gravitate towards witchy stories!   Fiona was my favorite of Jessica Lange’s characters in the show, and I adored the use of real New Orleans figures Marie Laveau and Delphine LaLaurie!    Angela Bassett makes for a truly badass Marie Laveau, and Kathy Bates was pitch perfect as LaLaurie (I cannot imagine anyone else doing the character justice)!   For me this is the most re-watchable of all the seasons, and it is always entertaining each time.    Once again bonus points for getting Stevie Nicks to do guest spots (and for the usage of her amazing music throughout the season)!       

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is a collage of all the posters for the first nine seasons.    I found the image on

~I hope you have enjoyed my countdown of American Horror Story seasons.    Let me know your favorites, and your thoughts on my favorites, in the comments below!   

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