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It is now the time of year to enjoy being outdoors, and celebrating the beauty of nature.   For many people this includes trips to the beach, and books to bring along with them.    I personally adore summer reading, and reading a book outdoors!    However, I am not really much for the traditionally beach themed literature that is released year after year.

That leads me to the inspiration for today’s post, as I want to share some of my favorite summer reads!    For me beach reads are so, not because I am at the beach, or they are set in a summer at the beach.    In my opinion beach reads are ones that feature watery characters of all sorts.   These characters include mermaids, selkies, and pirates!    Without further ado, here are my top five favorite beach reads, in no particular order!

The Blue Salt Road by Joanne M. Harris 

~This book is a short, but powerful read, and one with lovely illustrations throughout!   It really does feel like an adult fairytale novella.    The story revolves around a selkie, or seal maiden!

Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman

~This is a juvenile, or possibly young adult, novel by the acclaimed novelist Alice Hoffman.    In it she tells the story of a young mermaid, named Aquamarine, who is helped by two human girls when she runs away from an arranged marriage.    The book was adapted into a film starring Sara Paxton, and Emma Roberts!

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

~This modern classic about a farm hand who becomes a sailor, and eventually a pirate, and then comes home to get his beloved back is a must read anytime a year!   I do not think I need to say more on why this is an amazing read, as I already wrote an entire post on this story!

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

~This is one of the ultimate classic adventure stories.    Treasure Island is a must read for any fan of pirates, and adventure on the high seas!

The Mermaid Handbook by Carolyn Turgeon

~This is a lovely collection of stories, projects, and gorgeous artwork collected by the editor in chief of Enchanted Living Magazine (formerly Faerie Magazine)!

Note on Image: The image above is the cover of The Mermaid Handbook.   I found the image on

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