For today’s post I would like to do a short review of the novel Orlando by Virginia Woolf.   Orlando is my favorite of Virginia Woolf’s books.    In this unique supernatural tale we see the evolution of a character for centuries.    The character also goes through a sex change during the story.    Orlando, interestingly turned from an Elizabethan gentleman into a woman.

The epic sweeping fantasy of the novel is rather mesmerizing.   Woolf used this character as a parable for what was actually going on for women in her own generation.   To have a character who switched genders part way through the narrative allowed for a commentary on how women were treated throughout history (as the character is also immortal, or appears to be).

The book was adapted into a film that starred Tilda Swinton as the titular character.    In all this was a story that lent itself to dramatic interpretations!    I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in supernatural tales, women’s history, and works by the great writers of the 20th century!

Virginia Woolf was a brilliant author, who succumbed to depression, eventually committing suicide by drowning herself.    Much like Sylvia Plath later, her own demons would consume her.     Her novels are absolutely brilliant, and she has gone on to inspire generations.    Orlando is a must read for readers of the great female writers.

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