Living in My Own World

Living in my own world is how I phrase my personal outlook on life.    I have my own internal world that is quite a unique, and imaginative place!   I have a deeply complex imagination, and my personal loves and desires are very much things that influence everything I do.    My imagination allows me to have a world that is like a fantasy wonderland going on inside of my head.

Surely my youthful obsessions with fantasy places, Arthurian legends, Celtic lore, and fairytales account for much of my own internal world.   Not to mention a deep and abiding adoration of classic literature, classic films, and royal history impact how my mind runs.    I suppose having a deeply fertile world inside my mind started with my dreams.

I have always had very vivid dreams, and as a young girl I dreamt of living in a fairytale forest.    I also dreamt of being a faerie, and of becoming a queen.    I could travel to any and all times I would ever desire to live in within my dreams.   I dreamt full scenes from beloved classic books and classic films.   In my dreams I could become Guinevere choosing to marry Lancelot at Stonehenge.    I could be Aurora marrying Phillip in a forest while barefoot, and then ruling over both our parents lands and the faery world of the forest!   I could be a star on Broadway and a bestselling author, while also having a loving and supportive family.

In my dreams I could be everything I could imagine, and I can imagine a great deal.    Each day I have learned to choose to set realistic goals for myself, yet to also keep my optimistic outlook on the world.   I have learned to choose to be both ambitious and to give myself a break when I fail.    I have learned to accept the dark parts of me, while embracing the light.   I have learned the power of choice, and the power of positive thinking!

As I embraced my creativity and my imagination in my waking hours, I began to write.   Writing has been a place to truly explore myself, and to help others when I can.    The creative outlet of the written word is so important to me!    Writing, in conjunction with reading, allows me to explore the layers of myself.   I can indulge the inspiration whenever it strikes, and make connections between disparate things.    This blog was started on these principles.    I wanted to have a place to talk about many of my passions!

I allow myself to write things as they come to my mind.    Inspiration often comes like a bolt of lightning, and words then flow from my fingertips and onto the page!   This all connects into my fertile imagination land.   This is a land of dreams and aspirations, as well as my own personal meditative sanctuary.

The inspiration for today’s post came from how deeply complex my mind is.    I wanted the explore why I write, and share a bit of my inner landscape with my readers.    It may seem like a bit of a pile of insanity, but it is me, and I love this about who I am!    I think that we all can do with a little introspection.    Examining ourselves is one way to learn more about who we truly are.   Other ways I use to explore my inner landscape is to look into personality type theory.   That is something that my husband got me more into.   

We were both psychology majors, and so I had already found out my personality type in several systems.    With my husband’s influence I began to explore more about this!   I have learned that having a creative and fertile inner imaginative landscape is congruent with my personality types across several systems.    I have learned to be accepting of my flaws and to embrace my inner light.   With the illumination of my inner light I can also tap into my creative sources.   All of this comes full circle as I write about this to share with my readers!

I encourage all of you to embrace your truest selves, and to spend time ruminating in your own inner landscape.   Through meditation and dream work you can tap into deep parts of yourself, and maybe use them for creativity.   And, if not for creativity you can certainly use them to gain self knowledge!    I hope you have enjoyed reading this rambling rumination on my own inner world!    We can all live in a better world if we have an inner world that makes us feel better about ourselves.    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is of the faery forest in Sleeping Beauty.   I found the image on