Queen of Fashion

For today’s post I wanted to do a book review of a biography of Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France!

Marie Antoinette has been the subject of many biographies.    Some good, others not so well researched.   My favorite biography of the last queen of France is titled Queen of Fashion.    I first read the book in college, and even wrote a paper on it for my history class that semester!   I have since read it a few more times, and enjoyed it each time.

The primary reason that I adore this particular biography is that it takes a different approach to the story.    The author decided to tell the tale of Marie Antoinette through fashion.   This was an inspired idea because Marie Antoinette was known for her fashion choices!   

The fashions worn by the French royal court were very regulated, but Marie found ways to rebel against them.    What she wore evolved greatly over the years.   In the beginning she wore the strictly regulated clothing.    After becoming queen, she was able to begin wearing things that were not as popular.     When she stayed at Petit Trianon, she and her friends wore gowns of simple English muslin!    That served as a big rebellion against the traditional French silk gowns.

Her sartorial choices were incredibly influential at court, and other women began to also dress in her style.    She practically made the careers of her hairdresser, her dressmaker, and her personal portraitist!   All of these people helped to make sure she always looked her best.

The book was very thoroughly researched, and even discussed how the fashions of Marie Antoinette went on to inspire designers throughout history!   I hope that you have enjoyed my review of this important royal biography!    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is the cover of the book.   I found the image on amazon.com.

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