My Ranking of the Bridgerton Siblings

I have recently been reading the Bridgerton books by Julia Quinn.    I have already seen the first season of the Netflix series as well.    This has led me to want to make a list of my favorite Bridgerton siblings!   So this post will count down all eight siblings.

Number 8: Francesca

~Francesca is the third of the Bridgerton daughters, and her story is unique in that she is widowed early on in the series (first mentioned in book four, of the eight book series).   This makes her back story different from her sisters going into her book!   She is witty and wry, and less outgoing than her sisters.    My main reason for having her last is we do not see her nearly as much as the other siblings.    I do love all of them, but I also adore seeing my favorite characters often.

Number 7: Gregory

~Gregory is the youngest of the brothers, and always wants to be taken seriously by his siblings.    This is seen at times such as when Eloise calls him a child (not taking him seriously) when the brothers confront her fiancé. (It is not uncommon for the brothers to confront a sister’s suitor, as it happens often in the series).    Gregory is more often spoken of than actually seen in the books.    

Number 6: Benedict

~The second Bridgerton brother, age wise, has the true soul of an artist, and even begins exhibiting his amazing paintings!   His story with his wife has Cinderella overtones, making it all the more special.

Number 5: Hyacinth

~Hyacinth is the baby of the family, but she is also very intelligent and quite wily in her ways!    I found her to be funny and mischievous, which I loved!   She is also a presence in the books well before her actual novel (that centered on her)

Number 4: Anthony

~The Viscount Bridgerton is the eldest sibling, as is shown by his name beginning with “A” (the Bridgerton parents named their children alphabetically).   He was against ever falling in love, and typically that did not work out for him!    He is very protective and takes his responsibility to his family seriously!

Number 3: Eloise

~Eloise was a self chosen spinster until life events made her realize she did not want to be alone.    Personality wise she is lively and outspoken, not to mention highly talkative!    She also wanted true love, making for an interesting story of love.    Hers is a love that begins with letters!

Number 2: Colin

~Colin is my favorite of the brothers, as he is fun loving and has a huge wanderlust (as he is forever traveling).    I adore who he ends up with (I will not spoil it for fans of the series, who have not yet read the amazing books).    He is funny and very sweet to his sisters, often helping when the other brothers are going too far to protect a sister!

Number 1: Daphne

~It is not surprising to me that my favorite Bridgerton is still Daphne, who became Duchess of Hastings in the first book (and  the first season of the Netflix show)!    I immediately felt a kinship for this sassy and sweet young woman.    She always understood men because of having four brothers, and yet she was still innocent in many ways.    It made for an interesting dichotomy for her character (being both feisty and innocent)!    I am very happy her story with Simon was the first because that meant through the books we get to see glimpses of her later life, as her siblings are falling in love themselves!

~I hope you enjoyed my ranking of Bridgertons. Let me know your thoughts, and your personal favorite sibling, in the comments below!

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