My Top Ten Best Non-Disney Fairytale Films

Today I wanted to count down my top ten favorite films featuring fairytales, that were not made by Disney!

Number 10: Sleeping Beauty (2014)

~This is a modern re-telling of the classic tale.   It is set in the medieval period, and largely follows the original storyline!

Number 9:Snow White: a Tale of Terror (1998)

~This 90s film is a darker take on the traditional Snow White story.

Number 8:Ever After: a Cinderella Story (1998)

~This film starred Drew Barrymore and Angelica Huston, and it is an adorable telling of Cinderella!

Number 7:Anastasia (1997)

~This story tells the legend of Anastasia (youngest daughter of the last Tsar of Russia) surviving when her parents and siblings were executed during WWI.    She gets re-united with her grandmother, and falls in love along the way!

Number 6:The Swan Princess (1994)

~This story is a version of the Swan Maiden tales (there are several swan fairytales, I actually wrote a whole blog post about it!).  The same story inspired the ballet Swan Lake.

Number 5: The Curse of Sleeping Beauty (2016)

~This is a modern re-imagining of the Sleeping Beauty tale.    It tells the story of a man who inherits a house that hides a curse!

Number 4: La Belle et la Bete (1946)

~This is the classic French version of the story, and even went on to inspire the 90s Disney classic animated film!

Number 3: Stardust (2007)

~I love this Neil Gaiman fairytale film.    The book upon which it is based is my favorite of Gaiman’s books!    Such a sweet faery story, and even featured a man falling in love with a fallen star (yes a fallen star who became human)!

Number 2: The Princess Bride (1987)

~One of the best 80s movies ever, and based on an absolutely incredible book!    I adore this movie, and it is even a fairytale movie my husband is willing to watch!   

Number 1: Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty: a Gothic Romance (2013)

~My number one pick may be a bit of a cheat, since it is a filmed production of a ballet.    However, it is my list so I make the rules!   This is my absolute favorite production of my favorite ballet!

~I hope you enjoyed my countdown of non-Disney fairytale films.   Let me know you thoughts in the comments below!