Into the Woods

The musical Into the Woods was made into a Disney movie musical in 2014.     The beauty of this musical is that it is a mashup of several beloved fairytales!    There is the Jack and the Beanstalk storyline, the Little Red Riding Hood storyline, the Cinderella storyline, and the Rapunzel storyline!   We get to meet all of these famous characters throughout the course of this musical .    We see Jack going to sell his cow, Cinderella running away from her Ball and Rapunzel in her tower!    

There is a lot of the confusion and hijinks that happens, almost in A Midsummer Night’s Dream fashion.    The hijinks often includes odd mismatched pairings (that likely would have made Puck very happy)!    It does get all sorted out in the end, and the conclusion is one to make fairytale lovers rejoice!

Some of the true brilliance of the Disney film version is that of the casting choices.    Meryl Streep as the witch, and Johnny Depp as the Wolf are two of my favorite of these choices!     Anna Kendrick does an excellent job as Cinderella, as well.   

The enchanted fairytale forest setting is incredibly romantic and an ethereal vision of loveliness!   I always find pleasure in watching the Disney version of this, in part for the aesthetic beauty and in part for the incredible musical score!    I am a lover of musicals, so it is not surprising I love Disney, and other Broadway musicals!   This film combined both Disney and Broadway, as it was a Broadway hit that got turned into a Disney feature!    Honestly what other film company would due justice to a musical all about fairytales?    Disney was totally ideal for this amazing adaptation! 

I hope that you have enjoyed my gushing about this Stephen Sondheim musical!    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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