My Top Five Elizabeth I Portrayals

Today I am counting down my top five actresses to portray Elizabeth I!

Number 5: Cate Blanchett Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age

~Cate Blanchett is a great actress to portray Elizabeth I.   She is one of the most aesthetically realistic to give life to this role!    Both films are enjoyable and visually stunning.

Number 4: Rachel Skarsten Reign

~I really adore the show Reign and Canadian actress Rachel Skarsten did a really good job of playing Elizabeth Tudor.   

Number 3: Margot Robbie Mary Queen of Scots

~Margot Robbie is a powerhouse actress of our times, and she did a fantastic job as Elizabeth I!   Her willingness to be made up with all of the small pox scars was also admirable, and historically accurate!

Number 2: Glenda Jackson Elizabeth R and Mary Queen of Scots

~Glenda Jackson took the role in the mini-series in the 1970’s and later in the Vanessa Redgrave version of Mary Queen of Scots.   Her portrayal is one of the best remembered!

Number 1: Bette Davis The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex and The Virgin Queen

~Bette Davis is an absolute legend, and her portrayals of Elizabeth I were my absolute favorites!   I never tire of watching  either of these films, and I love the Old Hollywood take on Elizabethan England shown here!

Note on Image: The above image is the poster for The Virgin Queen. I found the image on via

~I hope you have enjoyed my list of favorite Elizabeth I actresses.   Let me know your favorites in the comments below!