Celtic Knots

Triquetras and other Celtic knots are symbols that have many meanings and associations.  Celtic knots are intricate woven patterns utilized in many ways for centuries.    They were used in motifs in architecture, and on tombstones and other religious artifacts.   In ancient illuminated manuscripts they were painted in beautiful details by Celtic monks, and likely also by earlier Druids. They are also used as sympathetic magic and for protection.

The Celtic cross is shown with many Celtic knots throughout its structure.    Celtic crosses and knots are common tattoo designs, especially for those of Celtic descent.    Celtic knots can be seen as almost tribal in nature, and fit into a tribal style tattoo, as the knots as images have been around since the Celts were tribes!

Triquetras are a specific type of Celtic knot that has a three pointed interlocking pattern.    The symbology of the triquetra is any type of triad, maiden mother crone, birth death rebirth, past present future, and even in Christianity father son and holy ghost.    Triquetras became famous due to the usage of the triquetra in the television show Charmed.   In Charmed the triquetra is on the Book of Shadows, was the image on Kit the cat’s collar, and was shown in tattoo form on the opening credits.    While there were many magical references in Charmed, the most common magical terms and usages were rooted in Celtic belief!    Certainly the usage of three sisters with magical powers, and the usage of a Celtic knot to symbolize them is highly Celtic.   It is in line with the Welsh Celtic triads.   The usage of ancestral powers is also very important to Celtic belief.    There are several other things I could mention, but I do not want to get too off topic.

Celtic knots in general symbolize unity, love, and strength.    It is important to find meanings in what you wear, or put on your body.   Know the meaning of something before you wear it (whether in clothing, jewelry, or on your skin).    If a specific knot appeals to you look into how and why it was used historically.    One should also remember that a knot can mean different things to different people, and we should choose ones that appeal to us for our own reasons.

I hope that you have enjoyed learning a bit about Celtic knots.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is a series of Celtic knots.   I found the image on pinterest.com via udemy.com. 

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