Celtic Astrology

Celtic astrology is always something I have been more intrigued by than the more widely used zodiac signs.    I feel that my Celtic astrology signs, both animal and tree, are more in line with my personality than Virgo is.    I am a Swan and a Vine in the Celtic astrological traditions.    It is possible that the fact that I have Celtic blood in my ancestry makes me more likely to feel connected to the Celtic astrological signs than to the traditional ones.    Whether that is the true reason or not, I certainly do feel more connected to my Celtic signs, and that they are more accurate for me personally! The Celtic astrological system is as follows:

Celtic Animal Zodiac

  • Cat ~ January 21-February 17
  • Snake ~ February 18-March17
  • Fox ~ March 18-April 14
  • Bull ~ April 15-May 12
  • Seahorse ~ May 13-June 9
  • Wren ~ June 10-July 7
  • Horse ~ July 8-August 4
  • Salmon ~ August 5-September 1
  • Swan ~ September 2-September 29
  • Butterfly ~ September 30-October 27
  • Wolf ~ October 28-November 24
  • Hawk ~ November 24-December 23
  • Stag ~ December 24-January 20

Celtic Tree Zodiac

  • Rowan ~ January 21-February 17
  • Ash ~ February 18-March 17
  • Alder ~ March 18-April 14
  • Willow ~ April 15-May 12
  • Hawthorn ~ May 13-June 9
  • Oak ~ June 10-July 7
  • Holly ~ July 8-August 4
  • Hazel ~ August 5-September 1
  • Vine ~ September 2-September 29
  • Ivy ~ September 30-October 27
  • Reed ~ October 28-November 24
  • Elder ~ November 25-December 23
  • Birch ~ December 24-January 20

Each sign has its unique attributes, just as the more traditional western zodiac signs do.   I am personally more drawn to these figures, of course.   Vine is one of the tree signs that is not technically a tree, but is still powerful and resilient.   There is a liking of the finer things in life attributed to vines, unsurprising given vines grow grapes to make wine!    That is certainly something I can relate to within my Celtic Tree sign!    Also interestingly my sign is the only one that happens within just a single month (September) making for a uniqueness.   Finally being that swan is my animal zodiac, it connects me deeper to faeries and romance, as swans have long been associated with being faerie animals, and they mate for life!

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about another astrological system.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is the Celtic tree zodiac signs.   I found the image on aminoapps.com.

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