The tale of the faerie man called Rumpelstiltzkin is one of a man who can turn straw into gold.   He came to the aide of a young woman who was tasked with turning straw into gold by a king.   Since she was a simple miller’s daughter she was willing to give up anything in order to become a princess and future queen.   First she gave up her necklace.   The second night she had to spin straw she gave up her ring.   Then when she had to spin more straw into gold on a third night, she needed to give up something more important.

Rumpelstiltzkin asked for the first born child of the new royal couple in order to fulfill his promise of helping the miller’s daughter become a princess!   When the child was finally conceived and born, the mother realized she could never give up her baby and the future heir to the throne.   Rumpelstiltzkin was not willing to forgive the debt.

Instead the imp made a new deal with the young mother.   The deal stated that she had three days to guess his name, and if she failed he would still get her baby!   The first two days she tried every name she could think of.   On the third day she had a messenger return with news that he had heard the little man dancing and singing a song that revealed his name.    So when the imp came to her on the third night she guessed several incorrect names.   She then guessed the correct name and won her child back at the last possible moment!

This is the story of a young woman willing to give up anything for a better life.   She then becomes a young mother willing to do anything to save her child from an evil fairytale villain!   The tale is so powerful, and even shows modern women that they can gain success, but there is always a cost for what you want.   As long as you can pay the cost, then it is well worth it to fight for what you want in life!    This is a rags to riches tale that allows people to see that if they can pay the price they can live the life they desire!

Further Reading/Watching

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