My Top Five Disney Princesses

~In this post I will be focusing on specifically the Disney adaptations of these classic fairytale heroines!

Number 5: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

~In the Disney version Belle is a beautiful book worm with a large heart!    It is such a joy to watch this loving heroine!   A bonus is getting a look at that gorgeous library.

Number 4: Rapunzel from Tangled

~Disney’s Rapunzel is free-spirited, adventurous, fun-loving, and happy to confront her fears.    In many ways she feels like a rebellious flower child, and loves going barefoot and wearing flowers in her hair!   She falls in love with a reformed thief, and gains a family and a crown!

Number 3: Elsa from Frozen

~Elsa is a young queen gifted with icy powers.   She is a very inspiring character as she teaches us to be true to ourselves no matter what anyone else thinks!

Number 2: Ariel from The Little Mermaid

~In the Disney movie Ariel is free-spirited and looking for true love.    Unlike the original Andersen telling she wins the love of Eric in the end!   Personally I always wished to get to become a mermaid and have aquatic adventures, instead of being stuck on land, but I understand doing anything for love!

Number 1: Aurora/Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty

~Aurora was raised by the fairies as Briar Rose and thought she was a peasant.   She actually meets Phillip in peasant dress and barefoot in the woods.   They fall in love without realizing that they are meant to be together already!

~Let me know who your favorite princesses are in the comments!