Today I would like to discuss one of my favorite fairytales, and with one of my favorite Disney adaptations, Rapunzel! The tale of Rapunzel is one that has been told many ways by several authors over the centuries.   The most famous of these authors were The Brothers Grimm.   In their telling Rapunzel is the daughter of a poor man who steals rampions from a witch to feed his pregnant wife.   He is caught and his punishment is that he has to give up their infant daughter to the witch.   This witch, often referred to as Mother Gothel, imprisoned the young girl, she named Rapunzel after the stolen veggies, in a tower.

Over many years her hair continued to grow and the witch used it to get in and out of the tower.   One day a prince happened upon the tower and climbed up Rapunzel’s hair.   He fell in love with her and she with him.    He would continue to visit her daily when the witch was out.    When they get caught the witch blinds the prince and turned him out to the forest.   She also cut off Rapunzel’s hair and turned her out as well.   Rapunzel gave birth to twins in the forest and happened upon the prince.   Her tears proved to be the only thing that could heal his blindness, and they were married!

The tale of Rapunzel has be utilized by many sources.   There was a Barbie as Rapunzel movie, video game, and doll in the early 2000s.    Once Upon a Time took on the tale not once, but twice (in two separate timelines).   Rapunzel featured as a character in the Broadway musical turned Disney film Into the Woods.    In 2010 Disney took the tale and created the movie Tangled.   In this Disney version Mother Gothel had stolen Rapunzel as a baby from her parents because her hair had magically healing properties that allowed the witch to stay young! The Disney movie also was turned into a television show that continued the adventured of the Disney version of Rapunzel!

The Tangled Rapunzel is free-spirited and fun-loving.    She is open to all adventures after having been locked away her whole life.   Even though she is scared to be out of her tower, she combats that fear because she desired freedom!   She famously goes barefoot the entire film, and ensuing television show as well!   Rapunzel learned that she was in fact the lost princess, and she is reunited with her parents.    She also finds love with the reformed thief Flynn Rider, whose real name is Eugene Fitzherbert!

I hope that you enjoyed learning a bit about the story of Rapunzel.

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is from Disney’s Tangled and I found it at http://www.wallpaperflare.com.

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