The Legendary home of Arthur, the place of the Round Table and the Knights was called Camelot!   This was a land of magic, of power, of adventure, and of romance.   The tales of King Arthur and his knights, his Queen, his magical helpers and companions, are endlessly fascinating!   

There has been debate for many centuries as to the actual location of Camelot, and there are several theories as to where it could be.    None of them have ever been confirmed, but it is likely that Camelot was in either England or possibly Wales.   Arthur was said to have been born at Tintagel in Wales.    Additionally Glastonbury Tor has been said to be a possible location of the mystical Isle of Avalon!

Within the legends Camelot takes a central role.   It is Camelot that Mordred desired to take away from Arthur!   The land was seen as a Utopia of sorts, a perfect example of the values of Courtly Love and the Chivalric Code.

In some versions Mordred actually succeeded in taking over the rule of Camelot in Arthur’s absence.   Mordred even took Guinevere for his bride, in order to secure his victory over Arthur, having taken both his kingdom Camelot and his Queen in one fell swoop.

The famed land of Camelot also inspired the Kennedy family, who would call their family home Camelot after the home of King Arthur!   Before them many a King and Queen would use the symbols of Arthurian Legend to inspire them.   They tried to create a Camelot of their own in the Kingdoms they ruled!    This principle is in fact utilized in the television show The Spanish Princess where Katherine of Aragon and Henry VIII use Camelot as inspiration for how to rule England!

I hope this post has made you want to learn more about the mystical lands of Arthurian Legends!

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