Introduction Post

Welcome to White Rose of Avalon.     This blog is designed to focus on legends and folklore, as well as history.    There are many instances of history and legend overlapping and intertwining.    With each post I intend to create a conversation of how important tales impact life and our universal unconscious (as Jung would term it).    

It cannot be ignored that many of the legends and fairytales covered involve magic.    The magic of nature and the magic of powerful figures such as Merlin, Morgan Le Fay, and the Lady of the Lake (named either Nimue or Vivian depending on the telling).   Ancient Celtic lore impacted the development of legends large and small, as well as important historical figures who believed themselves descended from legendary figures.

Culturally we are still enamored with, and intrigued by legends, myths, folklore, and fairytales because they tap into universal truths.   Legends can be something that brings together people in a feeling of national pride, or they can be more universal and open to interpretation depending on the person studying them.   

The name of my site is White Rose of Avalon, and this refers to both Arthurian Legend and British Royal History.   The white rose was one of the symbols of the House of York (a branch of the Plantagenet family whose famous daughter, Elizabeth, would go on to be mother of the Tudor Dynasty).    Avalon is the Isle of the Apples (among other things) and the Celtic land of Healing linked to the Arthurian Legends.    Morgan Le Fay brought Arthur to Avalon after the final battle of Camlann when he and Mordred mortally wounded one another.   It is said that in Avalon Arthur awaits the time when Britain is in most danger.   He will then rise from his tomb to yet again defend his Kingdom!