Announcing My Fanfiction Account

This bonus post is to announce that I have started publishing a story on   I have read and even written fanfiction for years, but I had never published it.   As I have recently been re-watching Charmed for the umpteenth time, I could not get the idea for a particular Phoebe and Cole-themed fanfiction out of my head.   As I have been writing my own blog, and publishing fiction and poetry on here, for over a year I have decided to publish my fanfiction for the first time ever!   My username on is AvalonNirvana, and the multi-chapter story is titled A Renewed Chance At Love.   For anyone interested in fanfiction or Charmed I will link the information for the story below.   I do not know how long the story will be, how often I will publish, or even if there will be more.   What I do know is that I felt I had to get the story out of my system!